WordPress Theme Development

I'm switching gears. (I know, I do that a lot) and learning how to build a WordPress / WooCommerce eCommerce theme from scratch on teamtreehouse.com. You can follow along with me at https://github.com/khambley/my-custom-wp-theme where I will be tracking my progress. I've earned 4 badges so far and my goal is to build my own custom theme for tekpocket.com. I've already started entering products just to get the functionality down, but I'm using an out of the box theme called StoreFront made by WooCommerce right now. You can check it out and view my progress at http://dev.tekpocket.com. In the spirit of what Mark Zuckerburg said: "Fail fast and Break Things." I'm diving in head first and if it breaks, ah well, it's only in development! 

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