The Myers-Briggs Personality Test

So I just took the Myers-Briggs Personality Test online at It is a free test based on the psychologist, Carl Jung's work. You basically answer 100 questions and whether you agree or disagree with the statement and at what degree. For example, a question could be:

"I believe it is more important to be right than be cooperative when working on a team."
Answer 1 - 6, one being strongly Agree to six being strongly disagree. 

You answer the questions as honestly as possible and avoid any neutral answers. When you're done, the site spits out your results. It says you are one of a possible 16 personality types. These are my results: 

Really interesting results, I'm not surprised by the introverted and intuitive results. I'm pretty creative but in a logical sort of way, if that makes sense. Carl Jung said himself that we are all unique and don't nicely fit into one of 16 categories, and it can change over time. Our life experiences as an adult shape our personalities as well. I believe our personalities dictate how we take in and respond to our environment, basically, how we are in the world. More is explained about the Logician personality type


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