EPiServer First Steps...Pt2 Creating a new EPiServer Project

In the first part of EPiServer First Steps, we discussed how to download a free version of Visual Studio and download and install the EPiServer VS extensions to set up your development environment, wasn't that easy? 

So, now we are going to create our first project. Everything you need is at world.episerver.com, but we will do a little summary here.

  1. In VS, go to File > New Project...
  2. Select Templates > Visual C# > EpiServer
  3. Select EPiServer Web Site, type in the project name, and Create Directory for solution, then click OK.


4.  Select Empty and click OK to create the project.

5. Now you're ready to compile the solution in VS and start the website. After you build it, just View in Browser, on localhost to start it.

Note - A couple things I missed when reading through the directions:

Make sure you can log in to the Admin panel of your site. Then create a start page...

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