Hi! I'm Katherine Hambley.

Welcome to my home on the web. I am a web developer so, naturally, I write articles and tutorials about web development and just about technology in general, here on my tech blog. I am a technology fanatic and it is what I do to pay the bills. I created this blog mainly for me, as a way to track all of my thoughts, experiences, code snippets, and just things that I would like to remember. I figured if someone else can use the information, that's great! After all, most of what I've learned is from someone else's sharing of knowledge.

But I also have other interests such as sewing and creating products that encase and protect all this "technology" stuff that we carry around. I sell all of my "tekstuff" online at tekpocket.com and at my etsy store, Etsy.com/shop/SuperDesignGirl

So, take a look around, and feel free to comment on my posts or contact me. Ciao!

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